JAROS receives many positive reviews from customers who are satisfied with our services. Let us show you some of the testimonials to show that we have had excellent success and have earned the trust of thousands of people and make Costa Rica their home.


I am from Spain, everyone at Jaros is very professional. I was very satisfied with how fast they solved my problem of getting my documents apostille in my home country. Good work, tios! PURA VIDA

Allan Ganeft, Canada

I’d like to say some good words about Jaros CR, and the immigration team for their assistance and support throughout my immigration process. My family and I are really happy to have our dream to live in CR come true. We chose the investor category and Jaros helped us with every single step so that we were not stressed with paperwork at all. They’ve been nice and professional. I hope to deal with you again in the future when we will need to renew our residency. On behalf of myself and my family, thank you once more.

Robert James

Thank you so much for all that JAROS team did for us, they were all incredibly efficient, kind, and professional. I was really pleased. Thank you very much, guys!

Mara, UK.

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for your hard work in my case. For sure would recommend your service to my friends who also want to move to Costa Rica now. You made it so simple and effortless for me and my husband. Thanks a lot.

Captain Dave and Debbie S

Our family had a very positive experience with JAROS CR. They really have knowledge and experience in what they do and took very good care of the entire process. We had tons of questions and we were pleasantly surprised by their patience to explain us everything in details. Appreciate all the advice and time give to us! Thank you so much for your help! (USA)

Richard S.

“Thank you for all the help that the JAROS CR team gave us at all times.

A long and complicated residency process, finally, after a long time and waiting to be able to obtain our residency, is a great joy. We will certainly be in touch again when the time is right to renew.

John and Jannette

“Hello, Many years ago I wanted to migrate to Costa Rica but I had no idea how to start. Then I found out about JAROS CR Experts. I contacted them online and told them about my problem. They helped me in a way I never expected. It is amazing and fast. “- (USA)

Joan and María

We have been very lucky to have found a company as serious as JAROSCR which managed to resolve our immigration status in Costa Rica Thank you… ”

from the United Kingdom.


“JAROSCR is an incredible company and I consider them the best and I am very ? happy !! I am very lucky and very lucky … totally blessed. “THANKS FOR EVERYTHING


“This was my first experience using an immigration service. And in my first immigration process, thanks to Jaroscr who helped me a lot, I am very satisfied with how things turned out.

Costa Rica a beautiful country THANK YOU JAROSCR. ”

Edward?? from the United States.


Hello, I wanted to migrate to Costa Rica and I had no idea how to do it. JAROSCR was recommended to me. I contacted them and told them what I wanted. They helped me in a way I never expected. It is incredible and in 90 days I had my residency


from Australia

Richard J.

“Thank you very much! For everything, my wife and I are very happy to obtain Pensionado residence in Costa Rica. They are a serious and responsible company thanks to all

United Kingdom

Click here  for more information about the Apostille Convention and check if your home country is a party to it — notable exceptions include Canada and China.

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