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COSTA RICA is a small country known for its diverse wildlife and flora. Costa Ricans live a PURA VIDA (pure life) lifestyle, a word that identifies Costa Rica as anywhere in the world. Costa Rica is well known as a tourist destination, a peaceful and diverse country. The army was eliminated more than 70 years ago, and the country remains neutral, a very attractive position for people who are thinking of living in Costa Rica, considering retiring, or making business. Costa Rica is also the world’s fourth most popular destination, ranking fifth in the United States, fourth in Canada, and third in Spain.

Costa Rica has an excellent climate all year round. Each of the country’s seven provinces has a distinct climate zone. If you’re considering moving to Costa Rica with your family, keep in mind that it’s a fantastic choice. Costa Rica also has two oceans – the Caribbean/Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west – which is one of the country’s many advantages.

In addition, Costa Rica is famous all over the world for its so-called blue zones – areas where people live to be 100 years old and older. National Geographic calls them “hot spots of longevity,” where the world’s healthiest people live.

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Are you looking for reliable immigration consultants to handle your immigration case? Our qualified and experienced Immigration Consultants can assist you in getting all your documents ready for the residency process. We offer immigration services in a variety of areas. If you’re thinking of moving to Costa Rica or retiring there, JAROS can provide you with all the information you need.

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Costa Rica remains an outstanding place to live and do business regardless of the category under which you wish to apply for residency. Costa Rica was the first country in Latin America to establish and create the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS), a government-run health and pension insurance program. Since 1990, membership has been necessary for all citizens. Prevention, vaccination, surgery, radiotherapy, pharmacy, and clinical tests are among the services provided by the system. The CCSS runs about 30 hospitals, some of which are among the best-equipped in Latin America, as well as over 1000 basic healthcare teams around the country. Get Costa Rica residency

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In general, our immigration advisors have considerable knowledge and experience to provide legal guidance in all areas and give you peace of mind.

Because we work hand-in-hand with you we will give you the best possible service. Our charges are also rather flexible, and we provide various payment plans.

1-We are a company that cares about you and your family, and we understand how tough it is to get an appointment for dactyloscopy or fingerprinting for the FBI these days. Jaros can assist you in scheduling a dactyloscopy appointment as well as filling out the paperwork indicating Public Force (Dactyloscopy). If you’re looking for FBI fingerprints, we can also assist you with the FBI form for the USA, Canada, and other countries.

2-If what you need is an appointment to open your file for the first time, complete your file, to get your resolution that was already notified, obtain for a copy of the file – we are here to help you. Let us assist you to get the appointment, that you need for your immigration process.

3-We can also help you to obtain the appointment to approve your driving license in Costa Rica, meeting all the requirements that are used with this procedure.

There are several residency categories available if you are considering applying for residency in Costa Rica. Some of the most common categories and their specific requirements are described below; however, general requirements are applicable to all of them.

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"Thank you very much! For everything, my wife and I are very happy to obtain Pensionado residence in Costa Rica. They are a serious and responsible company thanks to all

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