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At JAROS CR Equity Loans we specialize in negotiating home equity real estate loans. These loans fill a financing need when there is no time to obtain conventional financing or banks do not lend money for any reason. These types of loans are called by different names, such as private loans, private secured loans, emergency loans, or bridge loans.

A bridging or emergency loan is defined as a short-term secured loan that gives the property owner time to complete a task, such as home repairs or improvements, paying for their children’s college, buying a car, or pay off high-interest debt. You can also use a home equity loan to pay for medical emergencies or as a business investment to buy another property.

A traditional bridge loan will have a term of 6 to 36 months. JAROS C R Equity Loans takes into account any type of property, large or small, from single-family homes to large development projects.

A home equity loan is one in which a mortgage lien is placed on real property in exchange for cash for the borrower. For example, if you own a home worth $ 200,000, you can get a loan with a 50% loan to value (LTV), or $ 100,000 cash (less closing costs), in exchange for a first mortgage on the offered title by the secured loan applicant.

Many creditors will only require the borrower to pay the interest on the loan each month (known as an interest-only loan).

Interest rates on a home equity loan tend to be much lower than credit cards, so this may be a cheaper option for you than making payments with plastic. The rationale behind this is that secured loans involve collateral, and credit card debt does not. Since, in the first case, the debt is backed by your property, of which you are in actual possession, a home equity loan is a backed debt. In the event of non-payment of interest or principal, while JAROS CR Equity Loans will study the possibility of refinancing, creditors can request a repayment of your money and you may be required to settle the debt.


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By using your home as collateral for your home equity loan, you’re able to borrow money at a fixed rate that’s lower than almost any other type of loan and get tramite residency for investor.